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The Confederation of Canadian Unions (CCU-CSC) expresses its full support for PPWC Local 8 workers at Rogers Sugar, who have been on strike since September 23. The entire CCU-CSC executive board released an open letter below addressed to the corporate leaders of Rogers Sugar and Lantic Inc.

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November 4, 2023

Mike Walton, President and CEO – [email protected]
Jean-Sebastien Couillard, CFO – [email protected]
Jean Francois Khalil, VP HR – [email protected]
Louis Phillipe Bouillon, Corporate Director HR – [email protected]
Janine Osborne, HR Business Partner – [email protected]
Adrian Podwinski, Plant Manager – [email protected]


On behalf of the Confederation of Canadian Unions (CCU-CSC), the largest association of independent labour unions in the country, we are writing to inform you that our membership stands in solidarity with Public and Private Workers of Canada (PPWC) Local 8 workers at Rogers Sugar, who walked off the job five weeks ago.

PPWC Local 8 is a proud affiliate of the CCU-CSC, and we will continue to support their job action and advocate on behalf of Local 8 members until a fair deal has been reached. With high inflation and the cost of living, the members deserve fair wages, benefits, and a favourable overall compensation package.

Like many Canadians, we are aware of the enormous sugar shortages created by the strike. According to CBC News, shelves that previously featured Rogers Sugar are now bare, and grocery stores and bakeries that used Roger sugar products are now looking for alternative suppliers, both for the short and long term.

We also support their opposition to continuous shifting and 12-hour shifts. Multiple studies have illustrated the negative impact of shift work on the body clock, sleep, family, and one’s social life. These disruptions can result in acute effects on mood and performance, which will negatively affect their work – and your bottom line.

We also want to highlight the extraordinary efforts of Local 8 members during the last few years, noting on average they work approximately 22-25% more overtime hours per pay period. This is time spent away from their families and friends, yet they do so willingly, even with the risk of physical and mental exhaustion. All in an effort to support the company by keeping the plant fully operational and profitable.

PPWC Local 8 has been overwhelmed by the support and solidarity it has received. It continues to gather pace and will not be broken. We ask Rogers Sugar to recognize the dedication, support and commitment of Local 8 members and engage in good faith bargaining to reach a successful settlement that will benefit everyone.


Gregory Ball, President
Christian McCann, Vice President
Dawn Burns, Secretary
Scarlett Farquhar, Treasurer
John Peskett, East Officer
Robert Dvorski, Central Officer
Adrian Castley, West Officer

Confederation of Canadian Unions
[email protected]

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