• Adrian Soldera
    Adrian Soldera President
  • Ryan Tysowski
    Ryan Tysowski 1st Vice President
  • Mat Moran
    Mat Moran 2nd Vice President
  • Steve Joyce
    Steve Joyce Financial Secretary
  • Glenn Calder
    Glenn Calder Trustees
    • Kevin Wangness
      Kevin Wangness Trustee
      • Andy Beech
        Andy Beech Plant Chair Harmac
      • Curtis Ager
        Curtis Ager Plant Chair Howe Sound Pulp
      • Josh Poystila
        Josh Poystila Plant Chair Ladysmith Sawmill
      • Dean McLean
        Dean McLean Plant Chair Long Hoh Sawmill
      • Peter Miller
        Peter Miller Plant Chair North Island Hospital
      • Steve Tran
        Steve Tran Plant Chair Rogers Sugar
      • James MacGregor
        James MacGregor Plant Chair Value Added
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