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The Public and Private Workers of Canada Local 8, are issuing a “hot good” declaration on Lantic Inc. dba Roger’s Sugar. We are asking all unions to stop handling all the products at the Vancouver refinery.

Over 135 PPWC members employed by Lantic Inc. in Vancouver have been on strike since Thursday September 28, 2023 to save their seniority rights, benefits, and Employee Family Assistance Program. Roger’s Sugar would like to increase production and make our members work 12 hour shifts to run 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This will eliminate overtime for our members and be a detriment for a work/life balance.

Roger’s Sugar has had a revenue of $262 million in the third quarter this year and $797 million year to date with net earnings of almost $40 million year to date.

PPWC Local 8 are working to achieve a fair contract which ensures our members are treated with respect, provides the opportunity to be able to work an honest day, and have the ability to spend time with their families. We would like our members to share in the success of Lantic Inc. and ensure that the benefits that have been successfully achieved in previous bargaining are protected.

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