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Collective Bargaining between the Public and Private Workers of Canada Local 8 and Lantic Inc. doing business as Roger’s Sugar, have been ongoing since May of this year in an attempt to renew their collective agreement which expired February 28, 2023.

The Union is seeking a fair deal that respects our workers, one that protects our jobs and our rights. We are seeking recognition for the hard work and sacrifices that our workers made during the pandemic and the extraordinary work that we continue to do to meet the market demands.

Our Main Objectives are:

• To stop the erosion of our work through Contracting Out

• To protect our members from record High Inflation and the sky rocketing Cost of Living

• To protect our rights, with moderate increases in benefits.

The Company has repaid our hard work and dedication with demands for major concessions. We voiced our concerns previously and the Company responded with an offer that our members brought forward as being a non-starter before bargaining began.

Through the Covid pandemic, our members worked extended hours to meet the demands. With more people working from home and staying home longer than ever before, our members worked longer hours and sacrificed that time with their families. We have continued to work with the Company to meet that demand.

Unfortunately, the PPWC Local 8 Bargaining Committee has run out of options at the bargaining table because Lantic Inc. have not listened to the membership, and we feel we are left with no choice but to take the next step in the process. Our membership agrees with the PPWC Local 8 Bargaining Committee and, on September 23, 2023, voted 100% in favor of strike action. Therefore, at 11:43am on September 25, 2023, PPWC Local 8 issued 72-hour strike notice to Lantic Inc. Our members are prepared to walk off the job at 11:43am on September 28, 2023.

We remain committed to negotiate an end to this dispute that respects our members, and we call on Lantic Inc. to get serious about negotiating with the Union in good faith.

Adrian Soldera
President – PPWC Local 8

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